USE VALUE of Market Stalls

The beauty of market stalls is the simplicity and the temporality of its functions. For a short time these movable creatures occupy a street, a plaza or other public ’left-over places’ in the city . The once empty area is suddenly filled with people. Some are selling, others are buying. Some play music, others perform plays or acrobatics. For a short time, the most empty space in the city becomes the most vibrant. Whiles privately owned shopping malls remain quiet, controlled and  regulated, the markets are the only vibrant public spaces that remain in the western world. But they are dying! The roman forum, a place to talk and express meanings do no longer exist in our society today. A place to discuss politics or everyday issues does no longer have a place in our cities today. The roman theater,  a place for culture to reflect on its society,  has now become closed of theaters for entertainment purposes alone. For the time being, the market remains the one and only place for the people, temporarily occupying the voids of the city

Above is a sketch by “Rintala Egertson architects” concerning design parameters for emergency architecture. Could something like this also be used as parameters for markets?


An alternative market stall

‘Kit of Parts’ – easily assembled
‘Car’ Position in Car Park
Inside ‘secret’ space
Transportable with Wheels

Cinema/Projection Position
Coat Hook & Blackboard

Drawing & Discussion Table
Double Canopy for Shelter

Painting Table

Double Length Black Board
Sheltered Working Table 


Fabric Display and making mechanism

Standard Market stalls

Standard market stall

Walk in market stall

Standard flower market stall
Market stalls from around the world
A place to sit – Transport of people
Ceremonial, for crowds to carry
A surface for transport (four wheels)
A surface to transport (two wheels)
Bike transport
Food storage, preparation and sales counter stall
Display stall 
Not knowing how to address these markets stalls mentioned above, we wished to put something more ambiguous into the street – something that might or could possibly function in ways that a market stall should. This structure was something we would get to know and something that could shape itself confronted with the people of the place it is put. This became our alternative market stall.