Treatment Room, Tacloban, Philippines

Following the Study Centre, there was need for a design for a Treatment Room to treat children who suffer from tuberculosis. Above, is an image of the room that was in need of re-thinking.

The wonderful thing about this project, was that I could work over skype with Nerren (the main nurse at Tacloban), sending her drawings, which she would comment on, and send back sketches such as the one below;

The idea behind the design was to maximise the use of space – creating elements such as folding tables, so that every part could be folded back when not in use. Also having all the storage under the beds for example, and having beds which could be used as a desk when not in use.


When it came to the painting of the room, I sent a very simple idea of painting the shelves in ‘colour blocks’ – in the colours of her choice

The children of Streetlight chose all the colours, and the room has become a playful and colourful space! As the children are the main priority in this space, it was essential that they had a hand in the decision of colour and paint.

Nerren (the main nurse at Tacloban) working at her new desk in the Treatment Room!