Shadow Poetry

The Light of Day Shadow Play

In collaboration with writer, John Ellison

Scene 1 [Pre-Dawn 1680s]

Soon we became hunted. But the call of the hunters later became the mockery of our escape.

“Soho! Soho!” They’d cry.

And “Soho! Soho!” we called our resting place.


Scene 2 [Dawn 1700s]

Soon faces were drawn all around: a kaleidoscope of faces that made up the globe.

More and more began to call this “Soho” place their home.


Scene 3 [Noon 1850s]

A village within a city it became…

Berwick street smiled its teeth: Each of them a shining showcase for the owner to share the places from which they came.


Scene 4 [Noon 1900s]

I can almost hear the whistle-man calling them in right now—all of them in their places waiting to race beneath the sun and set up the market that is breathed into life only by the light of day.


Scene 5 [Noon 1930s]

All the shops are open and it smells as if coffee grains pack the pavement while vibrant fruit mists the sidewalks. 

Care to meet some of them with me? Come; let’s take a walk…

You hear them calling out don’t you?

“Bowl for a pound!”


Scene 6 [Noon 1960s]

You see that man? Yes. The silent one. He’s letting the sensuous cloud of his flowers do the talking for him. His name is Ronnie. He’s grown up in the market quite like his flowers do.


Scene 7 [Dusk 1970s]

“Uhm excuse me? What is it that you are doing?”

“We’re drawing the boundaries for tomorrow’s market! It’s time to put some order to this madness!”

“And pardon me, but who’s ‘we’?”

“The Westminster Council is going to pull this place together—for once and for all! So that Soho can become one of the working Machines of The Future!”


Scene 8 [Night 1975]

It was nice how many of the people of Soho spoke up—don’t you think? I mean otherwise there would’ve been towers everywhere and skyscrapers casting a cold shadow on everyone in them (just like they proposed in the 60s)! It was almost like I could start to feel their stories.


Scene 9 [Night 1980s]

Wait a second, I think I must’ve fallen asleep! But what is this magical place? Can you see it too? Am I not awake?

LOOK AT THESE COLOURS! We need more colors like these in Soho! And all the people! Packed so tightly in such a small space, and yet everything seems to be working perfectly.

What is that they’re saying to each other?


Now what in the world could that mean?

Wait a second, I think we’re going somewhere. HOLD ON! I THINK WE’RE GOING THERE FASTER!

Wow! Look at this! We’re moving right through a market—no wait, it’s not a market—it’s a train track! But the people have somehow managed to cram an entire city into its sides!


Scene 10 [Night 1980s]

Oh! My! SMELL THAT! That is Pad Thai if I ever knew a thing, and it’s floating down a river!


Scene 11 [Dawn 1981]

The Light of Day! No! Don’t scatter my dreams away! I’ll try to hold onto them the best I can! I promise! 

I can remember one last scene where there was a theater with a street for a stage—I was even in the play – me in the audience, as part of the show!

It was the most beautiful place where they were sharing their passions and their dreams with one another!


Scene 12 [Noon 2012]

I’ve gotten out to Berwick too late! I know it! I can already see the white jail cells surrounding each stand, and a robot clicking away in the traders place.

But wait! WHAT IS THAT?

Can you see her? It’s setting up beside Andrew!

What is it they’re doing? They’re talking to people, asking them to imagine, dream and create the future for Soho!



Scene 13 [Noon 2012]

“We need more colors” one writes on their board.

I agree with him.

And WOW!

Their machine! It was a drawing board and now it’s let out it’s tail and is filling up with paintings! Lovely paintings!

I never knew Joanna could paint like that! What a wonderful dream for Soho she has.


Scene 14 [Dusk 2012]

The sun has begun to set already! And look how far her tail has grown! It stretches out into the horizon. It’s like the dreams of the lives in Soho are filling up the night sky as it stretches over us. I wonder what the future of our home will be…won’t you dream this dream with me?


The Story Board