Redrawing the SOHO map

Comments from all the passers by;


“Let’s write a partition!!”

“Keep the architects at bay…don’t over design”

“Build no higher”

“More Schools!”

“No Starbucks!”

“We don’t need highrise!!!!!!!”

“Shopping where only major brands can afford the rent is not what we need here”

“Keep the scruffiness – keep it authentic”

“Listen to the locals…give us a voice!!!”

“Public toilets needed”

“Parrot stations needed”

“There used to be a lovely garden behind Endurance Pub…they were forced to take it away”

“Unless you sell food it is really difficult to run a business in Soho”

“Let’s use balloons to attract attention!”

“More vibrancy!  We need more stalls!”

“Back Alley/drug spot – today this is a piss street”

“We want trees”

“We need our light + it’s this street is already a wind tunnel”

“Redevelopment, they call it progress? Not always, the place loses it’s character”

“Let small independent business flourish. Don’t destroy them.”

“Corporations have enough! Leave Berwick Street alone – to the independents.”

“Storage for the market stalls is a big issue – it’s not provided by the council”

“If the market becomes permanent, parking is needed”

Metropolitan police… “high crime rates in Soho”

“People are not allowed to improve their own environment?”

“People in glass houses look like fish in a fish tank”

“Join Brewer St. market with Berwick St market”

“There are going to be no listed buildings left – redevelopment? It’s absolute fucking bollocks.”

“People should be allowed to live on blick house not in glass houses like fish”

“Freedom + power of change by the local community!”

“Help! We need good shops too!”