The Magical People of Berwick Street!

Ras Prince Monolulu (Racing Tipster) 1881-1965

“The African prince Monolulu would come to the end of Berwick Street, giving advice to the adults on horse-betting and, giving feathers for the kids.”

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Tosher The Tie King


One of the most famous of all the stalls was that of “Tosher the Tie King”.  Tosher was a showman with the gift of the gab, with a line in cockney humour that would shame most of today’s “stand-up” comedians.  He always had a crowd around his stall.

Tosher looked like a well-dressed spiv, he had a thin moustache and wore loud ties to go with his loud suit, all topped out with a pork-pie hat decorated with a loud hat-band.  From time to time, Tosher was known to have such an objection to a tie worn by a member of his audience that he would grab hold of it and cut it off with a huge pair of scissors. He would then donate a brand new tie to the unfortunate victim. (in some cases, the fortunate victim, depending on how atrocious the original tie was).

More people from the past of Berwick Street to come…