Peoples thoughts on reorganising the market

 How to reorganize the market stalls

Spending the day talking to several ,market traders of other ways of organising the street the aim was to collect a series of parameters to propose a different scheme to organice the market. Talking to westmninister council, this is one of the most urgent topics for the development of the market.

Points that were mentiond is the following:

1. The street should have a doublesided organisation of market stalls.

2. The lineup of market stalls as it is today spreads the market out, giving it a feeling of lack of density.

3. The storeholders in the listed buildings on the other side of the street, oposite Kemp house, suffers with lack of customers because most of the people passing the street only walk on the west side of the road. Therefore all the market stalls are faced this way and this creates a wall, a blockade, hindering poeple from accesing or even noticing the storefronts on the oposite side of the street.

4. The size of some market stalls have become massive compared to what some storefront owners prefers. Refering to Alec`s stall as a good scale for the street (the with and lenght of this stall is 2.1×1.2m and 2 meters in height)

5. Wind caused by the height of the Kemp house tower is one of the major pains for the market traders. Could the stalls be organized diferently to avoid the wind?

By using the same amount of stalls as the street contains today, but reorganizing this around the Kemp house podium it is possible to organise for a double sided market. This opened up for other programes in both ends of the street. In the north end, storefront owners, especially restaurant would prefer if the lunchtime stalls positioned outside werent there. By moving these stalls down the street this area opened up for the posibility to have a green area requested by many people during our street painting sessions. If a wall of green plants could be planted in bothe neds of the street the wind moving through could be drastically minimalised. This was something that was very well welcomed by the people we talked to today.

Peoples movement through the street

From yesterdays conversations, as well as todays we stitched the movemnet on people through Berwick Street. A pattern seemed to come out of this exersise.