Model Workshop 14/05/12

Finally back to the market street!!! Above is a short clip from one of  todays converstations.

Paint workshop Colouring Berwick Street

The aim for todays workshop was to adress one issue that kept repeating itself last year: Colours. More and more people had come up to us and told us that Berwick street needs more colours. The council had previously proposed the very same idea to colour the Kemp house instead of tearing it down. This scheme was incredibly depresing and if any colouring of the facades should happen, it should happen by the hands of the market people. Therefore we buildt a model and invited people to paint the face of Berwick street.

Mounting Tensigrity stall

For todays event we mounted our structure next to the Pizza guys and Alec`s fruit stall. By mounting the stall with an opening to the most pedestrianised sidewalk we had protection from the rain and winds in the back, but still an oportunity to invite people up to the stall. The structure was quick to mount and was a good shelter for the models we were making.