Market Dialogues

The beauty of Berwick Street

The true beauty of Berwick street market lies in the relationships and invisible connections between the store-holders, market traders and the residents. Brian used to have a market stall outside of Borovick selling ladies clothing, but ended up collaborating and later working for Mr Borovick himself. Pasquale has been running his barber shop above Bar du Marche, but also works in Norman’s fruit stall. Ronnie and Mark from the flower stall often leave some of their flowers inside the hairdresser, due to cold weather. Chef in Bar du Marche, has put tables and chairs on the street outside his restaurant to invite people to sit down and eat.

It is through these dialogues between street activity and the indoor business, that the colours of Berwick street come to life.


The Extruded Store-front

To emphasize this quality we hope to bring the different storefront back into the street. The blur the typology of the storefront and market stall we want to bring the store-holders and their businesses out into the market street in the way that many stall holders moved into the storefronts in the past.  A structure, a diferent type of market stall will enable these business to extrude their bussinesses into the market stalls spots. A structure that will provide:

  • Roof and shelter for the cafees and restaurants
  • Shelves and display mounts for stores such as ‘Thats Andy’ and ‘SO HIGH SOHO.’
  • A community meeting space for ‘Fairshare.’
  • Outdoor changing rooms and hangers for clothes for stores such as ‘Bang-Bang.’
  • For the ‘Cloth House’ and ‘MISAN,’ a table to cut fabric and displays for their fabrics
  • For the residents entrance, plant containers and seatings

This permanent/temporal structure will be attatched to the storefronts when the ‘market-stall spot’ is not occupied by other market traders. This would alow storeholders to book a market spot, free of charge to temporarily extrude their shop into their street.

Store-owner/market-trader collaborations

This structure does also allow other types of collaborations to emerge. Similarly to Brian who transformed parts of his old fashion-market stall to improve the view towards the cloth-store Borowick, this structure can encourage a more direct collaborations between independent traders and store-holders that share a common interest.

Reflecting the identity of its inhabitants

This simple structure would allow the traders and their objects and merchandize to inhabit the structure in different ways. Thus each individual structure would get its individual identity depending on which business it has been occupied by.

The next Prototype

Our structure will be a prototype for this new market typology. It will contain the elements that many of the different storefronts would need to have their businesses on the street, but we would use these elements to initiate future dialogues about the structure. This object is also our tool as architects to enable people to participate in the dialogue of making.