Interview with Brian Lawrence

Interview with Brian, Borovick Fabrics Ltd

“I was in the market from 1972 – I also had a fruit store as well. (Pointing outside the shop) Where that store is now, that’s where I was.”

“Mr. Borowick had two stores outside as well, just straight outside.”

“I think there was a letter sent around to say they are going to do something, but it was not properly instructed. I think that’s why it was turned down, I think. Their consultation wasn’t done correctly if I’m not mistaken. And it cost a lot of money I think… hundreds of thousands of pounds were spent on it… and it was turned down!”

“Twenty-five years ago, they wanted to paint this market over… and put the stalls in the middle, back to back. It could possibly work but I don’t think people want to face this way for some reason –  (pointing at the opposite side of the street) as that’s the wider pavement.”

“Consider the footage you get, and nothing for it. You got no electricity, no washing facilities, no toilet facilities. I think the Council have let it run down.”