Interview with Paul Giorgio

Interview with Paul Giorgio, Fish & Chip shop

“I’ve been in the dining place for 28 years.”

“It used to feel like a proper market…buzzing all the time”

“There were always people, always something going on.”

“I don’t know if Westminster Council have got a project to try and close the market?”

“Westminster’s Council doesn’t give no storeholder anywhere to park, anywhere to wash their hands…”

“I think it’s going to affect everyone whatever they do.”

“They can develop it to make it striving like it used to be, fine. But then, what are we doing with the market? Are we going to keep the market, or loose the market?”

“And if they do know, surely its down to the people in Berwick Street to know what’s going on”

“It’s a three way thing, not a two way thing, because you know, obviously its the people here that are here going to be affected, and it’s between Westminster Council, and the developer, whatever they decide…”