Anna Heringer  – Home Made House, Rudrapur, Bangladesh

In search of a communicative, contextual and meaningful architecture, Anna fully exemplifies the notion of the community lying at the soul of the architecture, whereby, the architecture is born directly out of the context, needs and communication between all of the people involved.

In Rudrapur, Bangladesh, Anna re-assessed the use of moulded-earth techniques. Rather than forming bricks out of the mixture (as traditionally done in the past), she involved the community to shape the mixture with their hands, in layers, allowing the body and its natural movements, and processes to become a part of the architecture itself. Not only this, but it also allowed the children to have a hand themselves in the building of their own school, carving their own ‘reading’ caves, and undoubtedly creating a deeper resonance to the school in their following years of education. It is precisely in projects such as this, that the architecture becomes more than just an object placed or imposed by an anonymous figure. On the contrary, it becomes a deeply meaningful, charged, and embodied space.