Make dialogues 11/01/12

Collecting more ideas

By Jostein Fardal

The market stall continues to intrigue and draw attention to the people passing by in Berwick street. Today we displayed the drawings made from earlier events, and this triggered even more ideas, because many stopped to have a look and became inspired to draw something. We got both dreaming and constructive proposals for the development of the area. It is amazing to observe how people get intrigued by the stall and are willing to share thoughts or just have a chat about the street. Here are some of the ideas learnt today:

Water collecting canopy

It was proposed to create a canopy over the street to shelter the market and collect water that can be re-used to clean and sustain the area, as well as building wind turbins to generate power from the wind that is already created by the narrow street.


Art studios and wall art

Artist studios and gardens should replace the empty office spaces, with elements of eco-education on the street level about the food that can be grown and sold at the market. Artists should have a huge wall were they can express art that reflects the local community. Maybe this is the office building facade should be a huge interactive canvas?

Other ideas that was mentioned was to convert the building mass into training gyms and music studios, make gardens, new market pavement, place for local events.

People have been around the stall almost all day, and even if they don’t have much time to chat, they are pleased to hear we will be here every Tuesday and are likely to come back. One lady proposed to arrange a drawing session together with children in the area.