Fabric event 07/02/12

Stitching the social fabric of Berwick Street

The relationship between market stalls and the storefronts used to be closely connected. Some of the fabric stores had market stalls in the street. Others established collaborations with the fashion stalls on the street. Even today some of the people having a business in this street sustain their living by also selling fruits in one of the fruit stall. This beautiful dynamic infrastructure of people is the hearth of a market, the very core and beauty of what could be thought of a pragmatic use-value of selling and buying of goods.


How can the market support the stores and vice-versa?

Berwick street fabric

Having discussed with several of the cloth and fabric stores in the street we were given fabric to work with on our market stall. The aim is to visualise and realize the proposials and ideas that have been put forward during the painting workshops with material that is locally sourced in Berwick Street.


How can we return Berwick Streets Character?

The structure of SOHO

We have also contacted several of the building sites in Soho which will now provide wood structural elements when we are to translate the ideas of the people in the street to structures.

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