Discussions at the Architectural Association

Presentation given at the Architectural Association before reaching Berwick Street. 11.11.11 

Critics: Takero Shimazaki, Ana Araujo,  Francesco Draisci , Madelon Vriesendorp, Christian Spencer-Davies and Claudia Pasquero.

Ana: You make first, and then you think. For this reason, this machine is full of energy, precisely because it’s so full of spontaneity, and imperfections. Intuition is just reasoning, that is faster. Lina, in Sesc wanted exactly this – a device to activate leisure, and pleasure. 

Madelon: The disregard for safety is very refreshing!

Francesco: This is a medium to research something. It is quite an advanced stage in the design process. The language is key to how people will engage with it. How will it relate to Soho?

Madelon: And you must add things all the time. It will overgrow like natural plants – with all the activities that will go on around it.

Claudia: Think of the interface, how do you get people involved? What can we learn from it? There should be a process of transformation. You should produce drawings to record your findings. The machine could have many different phases. Do your rules need to be more precise?

Tak: There is a very interesting question about ‘what is design?’. You’re designing a situation, a type of interaction.

Madelon: What does Soho need? Lina Bo Bardi wasn’t a romantic, everything she made was functional. She connected function with beauty in an amazing way. Nobody is excluded from Sesc, it is all about inclusivity.