Dialogues 12/12/11

Painting an imagined vision for Berwick Street in the street, with the locals and passers by.

The stories of people passing by:

“The African prince Monolulu, did horse-betting and gave feathers for the kids.”

“On the very end of Berwick street, just next to where the cartoon shop is today, there was an African Prince. His name was Monolulu. He would stand there to give grown-ups advice on horsebetting and for the kids, he would give a feather. Rosie, would stand there and sing, outside where Beatroot is today. She had no home, but reflected the true essence of Berwick street.”

Painting the imagined vision for the future of Berwick street. If there is a development, how can this be a positive move, and how can it help to keep the character of the place, yet at the same time solve some of the issues that it struggles with today?

How can development bring back the colours of Soho? How can Berwick street/the market reflect Soho’s beautiful diversity? Rather than just being food stalls, could other types of market stalls give the street a even greater use-value? Is Westminster Council providing enough infrastructure for the market traders? Can development support the market traders with their storage issues?

As the passers by mentioned today, Berwick Street provides everything, from vintage clothes, a mosque, shoe repairs, lunch, fruit and veg etc.  How can we get the development to reflect this variety?

The making