Back to the street

We’ll be back to the market from lunchtime tomorrow with our new market stall. Come over and help us discuss, model and paint the future of Berwick Street!!!!

The Market stall

The most minimal use of fabric, compression and tension members creates a small market stall. This will be our first test for tomorow

The Canopy

Connecting to tensigrity

Having the main tensigrity structures ready we connected steel hooks to the fabric. This alowed us full flexibility to adjust and connect the fabric in diferent ways. the image to the left is one alteration where the tension of the fabric stabilises three loose compression members. This way the fabric becomes a part of the structure as a whole

Hooks were tied three times to the fabric to prevent them from sliding off. See image to the left. The flexibility of the fabric alowed us to use the existing hooks of the tensigrity structure to tension the fabric. The fabric functions as a tension member when more than one tensigrity structure is used