Plan and model Workshop 15/05/12

For todays event we got a lot of amazing help from the Pizza Pilgrims and Omar in the Falaffel stall. Together we mounted the canopy between their market stalls as well as our table structures that helps lift the fabric in the space between the stalls. Below are some of the questions we invited people to answer:

1. How can the street be organised differently?

2. How can we solve the issue of winds in the street?

3. How can we visualise the many colours of this old fabric street through painting?

4. What other types of programmes can be introduced to the street?

Here is a time lapse of parts of todays event:



Peoples touch: Colours

Even though what only remains of the past is black and white photos, what people seem to remember is the colour and vibrancy of the market before its decline. Todays and yesterdays event has been about bringing the colour back to the market streets. By inviting people to help paint the facades of Berwick street we are following up on one of Westministers previous proposals to paint the Kemp house, what we are suggesting is that this should be by the hands of the people.


Programme: Other types of market functions

Maybe other types of stalls could be introduced to the street. The people from the art gallery mentioned the ideas of brining books out to the street, what if the market had a street library? Some others suggested a street theatre. We also learned that there is a proposal for the storefront owners to have a market stall they could share to bring their business onto the street. This would be in turns depending on what slots are open, the different storefronts can move out to the street.

Shelter: Wind

The need to protect the traders from wind seems to become more and more evident. The height of the Kemp house is creating turbulence that causes blows of wind onto the market traders and their stalls.

1) Street Canopy

Some kind of canopy structure to damp the winds, but that would still allow the sun to come trough would improve the conditions of the market and the market traders. Another suggestion we recieved today was to plant grenery on either side of the street to damp the winds as they pass trough the street.


2) Different organisation of market stalls

Another way to improve the conditions of the market traders could be to change the organisation of market slots. Instead of being parallel to the street the stalls could be organised in clusters of five or angled to buffer the wind. These were proposals that came out of todays conversations