Over the river of Berwick Street

What if the river of Berwick street was covered with fabric. Like  Cristo covered Arkansas river valley, Berwick street could again be protected by the winds and the rain while bringing back the atmosphere that it once had sixty years ago.

It is not about bringing the past back, but it is abou being inspired to make a change in the context of today, based on what was. It is like Heraclitus’ philosophy  captured in just two words: “panta rei”, literally meaning everything flows, meaning that everything is constantly changing, from the smallest grain of sand to the stars in the sky. Thus, every object ultimately is a figment of one’s imagination. Only change itself is real, constant and eternal flux, like the continuous flow of the river which always renews itself. As the vivid life ongoing in Berwick street

Biddle & Sawyer Silk has made a woderful exhibition in their storefront reminising how the street once was. Following up on the post “the future of the past” could the street again be covered with fabric rather than concrete canopes?

How can what Biddle Sawyer did become one of the main characteristics of the street? Below is one architectural example of how a building can reflect the qualities of flow and waves by either wind or water.

Below is two more isnpirational images of Cristo and his project covering the arkansas river: