Emergency architecture

Crossing – Emergency architecture Exhibition National Art Museum, Beijing, China

Designed by Sami Rintala and Dagur Eggertson together with norwegian and chinese students for an exhibition on emergency architecture. An exhibition arranged by the National art museum of China after the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. Web:  www.crossingnow.org / www.rintalaeggertsson.com

The framework set out by the architects was a steel frame module of 1mx2mx2m.

The above picture shows the fireplace in the centre, sleeping unit to the left, dining box to the right and the bathroom unit in the distance.



Fireplace floor and Water collecting roof are units with the dimention 2,1m x 2,1m x 0,5m



The structure consists of four boxes that contain the most important functions, kitchen, sleeping, toilet/shower and storage/entrance. These functions were organized within 2,1×2,1x1m boxes and connected by two a roof and floor unit  with the dimentions 2,1mx2,1mx0,5m.

A steel framework welded together to create a temporary shelter after disasters.


The model shows how the rooms could connect

Working with the CAFA school of architecture we started drawing ideas and discuss the functions that would be needed for an emergency shelter.

The picture shows the entrance/storage box with the raincoat on. This raincoat gives the dwelling a posibility of expanding and open as well as to close and isolate .

One important aspect was for the structure to be easily transportable, dismountable and expandable.

Above is a sketch by “Rintala Egertson architects” concerning design parameters for emergency architecture. Could something like this also be used as parameters for markets?