The future of the past

A Future for the Food and Fabric market

After wroking in Berwick street for several months there is two main issues that we wanted to adress with our first model workshop. this was the issue of storage and the issue of wind and rain cover. Another aim was to figure a way for an architectural intervention t0 enhance and visualice the social relationships and conections of Berwick street market?

Storage/wall component

How could the storage racks of the market traders become seating or spatial divisions in the street when the merchandise had been moved over for display in the market stall?

Retractable roof component

How could the a roof visualize the social connections and businesses within the kemp house and the listed buildings with the market?

How could this roof also maintain a porosity of 50 percent open and 50 percent closed to buffer the winds coming from the kemp house residential block?

How can this temporary cover for rain be pulled back so it does not become a shelter for “unsocial behavior” (like the residents call it)?

How can the language of this market as it used to be again define how it should be developed in the future?